The two main components of losing weight are diet and sports. Strict adherence to the rules of both will help you lose weight faster and without harm to health. Here are just a series of misconceptions that could well become a hindrance to a perfect figure. In this article, we debunk fitness myths!

5 misconceptions that prevent you from losing weight when playing sports

Misconception 1. Aerobic exercise is better than power

Many are sure that the more they do aerobics (shaping), the faster they lose weight, but often do not achieve the desired results.

If you constantly load the body only with aerobic loads, then it will draw resources from the muscles, because it “counts”: since they are not very involved, they are not so important.

The combination of aerobic training with power loads will help normalize the process of losing weight — you will lose weight not in the muscles, but in the fat mass.

Misconception 2. From power loads, the figure loses femininity

Unreasonable fears! A woman or a girl, even if she tries very hard, with the help of only one power load will not be able to become masculine.

First, a woman has less muscle tissue than a man. Secondly, for this in the female body does not produce enough male hormones.

Misconception 3. You must not drink during exercise

Since the body loses a lot of fluid during training, you must drink it. For comparison: only during a night’s sleep, 1.5-2 glasses of water evaporate when breathing.

But all the vital processes in the body, including the breakdown of fats, take place in the aquatic environment.

Therefore, it is necessary to replenish the supply of moisture during classes, drinking 2-3 sips of plain still water at short intervals.

5 misconceptions that prevent you from losing weight when playing sports

Misconception 4. After training for 2 hours, you can’t eat anything

The human body is a kind of computer in which the responses to external influences are embedded. But the «system» of the body remains the same as it was hundreds of years ago.

For him, physical activity is work, after which there must be a reward in the form of food.

The fact that classes in the gym — a voluntary «torture» of his body, he does not know, and rightly waiting for his reward.

And when it does not receive it, it begins to «sound the alarm», turns on the resource saving mode. As a result, metabolic processes slow down, and instead of the combustion of fat, its accumulation occurs.

Therefore, within two hours after training, you must eat.

5 misconceptions that prevent you from losing weight when playing sportsм

Misconception 5. Several types of fitness at the same time — more useful

In principle, for weight loss, it is enough to attend only one type of activity, but at the same time do it regularly.

And to figure out which type of fitness to prefer, a reasonable decision would be to attend classes in fitball, pilates, yoga, aerobics, or try your hand at training simulators. It is important that sports activities bring joy, and not become conscription. If you «drive» yourself into training, very soon you will completely refuse them.

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